The battle of the Porn Sites!

The internet has always been home to pornographic material since it’s inception. Almost every milestone in online technology was accompanied by some type of porn. It makes since. The internet is a way of connecting humans to one another in a way never thought before. It acompasses the collective thoughts and knowledge of the entire human race. Why wouldn’t acts of sexual nature be depicted on it? Honestly if it didn’t that would be seem way more unnatural than the latter.

Over the years a number of porno-site giants have emerged. Many of which are now seeking to eliminate their competitors and “surprise, surprise” they are doing it in not so ethical way.

Many of the tube sites like Xvideos are trying to create interactive adult model sites like Onlyfans and Manyvids. To help eliminate their competition they have created new user policies which ban the use of ads pointing people towards model pages hosted on competitors websites. Even after users have complied with their new user polices they are told to sign up for (which is owned by Xvideos) in order to release their now blocked videos. They explain that once signed up users can sell content’s platform. Which forbids users to sell content any where else or advertise websites that have links to other websites where you sell content.

Who would have thought? and here I had such high expectations for the owner of these mega-porn websites. At any rate I at least thought they had better moral values than mega-church owners.

This has created some what of a rocky terrain for content providers. With tubes sites starting to forbid advertising of private provider accounts hosted on 3rd party websites it leaves many people working in the online adult film industry with limited options. As the noose of cooperate greed seems to tighten on almost every industry in world. It would appear that even adult content providers won’t be spared from crippling loses in pay due to the endless pockets of this world’s cooperate overlords.