Making Animated GIFs to Use for Advertising

Creating and using animated GIFs is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting content. They can be used in OBS overlays to give your live shows a more dynamic and original feel. You can use them in chatrooms, websites and message windows.

I could go on for ever about how useful they are but I’d rather get to how to make one yourself. I’ll show how I use them in my work and give examples how they can be implement into advertising your work online and effective manner.

Here we have a small animated GIF of Raven Ragdoll. Raven uses this ad for use in posts and messages on various adult media sites. As well as snaps which she ads music to.

To remove our subject from the background we set a green screen and added some lighting behind to allow her to stick out from the background behind her.

We then used a chroma key effect to remove Raven from the backdrop. In this example we are using adobe premiere but you can use any video editing program you’re familiar with. You can even use websites like or as well to help make gif animations by converting video files.

With our background removed we can slip in whatever image or video we want behind our subject. We can also leave the background transparent. This an especially effective method for making overlays in OBS or custom animations to use in chatrooms.